How the Periodic Table Works

Step 2: Discovering the Periodic Table

During this step you will be learning all about the peroidic table.   
You will learn about how it is organzied and all the information you can get about one element from the table.
You will pick 8 new terms from information in the links and videos below to define.  These are to be writen in the vocabulary tab of your science binder.  When you have finished them they must be approved by your teacher. 
Once your new terms are approved by the teacher, you will take an exit slip on the information you learned today.

Periodic Table Basics
1. Use the link and video to pick and define 2 of your new vocabulary terms.

First Link: Periodic Table Basics.

Use this video to review the history of the periodic table.

Organization of the Periodic Table
2.  Use the links below to pick and define 3 of your new vocabulary terms.

Second Link: 
Atomic Math

Third Link: Periods on the Periodic Table

Fourth Link: Groups on the Periodic Table

Use the video below to review the organization of the periodic table.
Families of Elements
3. Use the links below to pick and define 3 of your new vocabulary terms.

Fifth Link: Families on the Periodic Table.
To learn more about each families click on the names below.