How the Periodic Table Works

Step 1: Atomic Review

During this step you will review the history of the atomic model, atomic structure and the definition of an element.
Use the list of links in order below to complete a timeline, diagram of an atom, and "Meet the Elements" worksheet.  Once these tasks are finished, turn it in to your teacher.
After turning in these task, you will complete an exit slip on atomic structure

History of Atomic Theory Review
1.  Click here to download AtomicTimeline Handout, print and fill out using the link and video below.

First Link: History of the Atomic Theory

Watch the video below to help create your timeline.  You may have to watch it twice.  It moves fast!

Atomic Structure Review:
2. Click here to download and print the Atomic Structure Handout . Use the links below to draw a diagram of an atom.

Second Link: Structure of the Atom

Third Link: How to Draw an Atom (Right Click And Open in a new window)

Element Review
3. Click here to download and print "Meet the Elements" handout. Use the video below to review the defintion of an element. Answer the questions on the "Meet the Elements" handout.

Enjoy the video! It's my favorite!